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Day trips from Palm Springs

Day Trips From Palm Springs

Escape the Desert Heat

Did you know that Lake Arrowhead is only a 90 minute car ride away from Palm Springs? During the summer, the temperature difference in the two locations can easily go over 20 degrees or more. This makes Lake Arrowhead an appealing location for a summer mountain adventure. During the fall and winter, watch the leaves turn colors and eventually the mountain gets covered in a white blanket of snow. Lake Arrowhead is a playground year round that offers activities for people of all ages and interests. If you’re looking for day trips from Palm Springs, consider Lake Arrowhead. Just a short car ride away, Lake Arrowhead has four distinct seasons that offer varying activities.

day trips from palm springs
Plan day trips from Palm Springs

Why Lake Arrowhead?

Lake Arrowhead Village is a fun shopping and dining area for the whole family. They offer everything from luxury stores to candies and sweets. Take a tour on the Queen Boat to get the best views of the lake. Or, if you prefer to be in the lake, you can rent various water sports equipment from our local stores. The McKenzie Water Ski School offers lessons for all ages. No matter what you and your family’s skill levels are, there’s always room for upping your water skiing game. You can also rent boats, tubes, jet skis here at Lake Arrowhead. So go on your own private lake adventure in the summer!

Other kid-friendly activities include carnival rides, mini golf at Lollipop Park, and free outdoor concerts every weekend from May through September. Stop by the Lake Arrowhead Chamber of Commerce located in the Lake Arrowhead Village for more visitor information.

Day Trips to Lake Arrowhead
Day Trips to Lake Arrowhead

Summer Activities to Enjoy During Your Day Trips from Palm Springs

During the warmer months of the year, Lake Arrowhead is known for its outdoor activities such as climbing, hiking, zip lining and mountain biking. Other than the water activities offered at Lake Arrowhead, the surrounding mountains are natural playgrounds for locals and visitors alike. SkyPark at Santa’s Village is an exciting place to mountain bike with 2 different skill areas. There are also a large and a small pump track for the youngest riders. Bike through the Alpine forest with your adventures buddies, and enjoy the fresh mountain breeze and breathtaking views of Lake Arrowhead. There are natural jumps, bridges, wall rides, obstacles and more to challenge your mountain biking skills and feed your adrenaline addiction.

If you’re looking for more relaxing outdoor activities, consider going on a hike in the surrounding mountains and take in the fresh mountain air. The summer temperature of Lake Arrowhead is quite bearable – averaging from high 60s to 70s, compared to the 100s that Palm Springs regularly see in the summer months.

Mountain Biking at Skypark
Mountain Biking at Skypark

Winter Activities to Enjoy During Your Day Trips from Palm Springs

During the winter months, Lake Arrowhead offers something that many California cities lack – fresh snow. Lake Arrowhead transforms into a winter wonderland that is full of Christmas vibes and decorations. Bring your friends or family here on a weekend getaway, you can enjoy the various winter activities the mountains have to offer – including snowboarding, skiing, snowshoeing and more.

With more than 10 lifts and a fully featured terrain park, Snow Valley is one of Southern California’s premier ski locations. The slope is friendly to participants of all skill levels. You can also sign up for lessons for those wanting to get better at skiing or snowboarding. If you’re not into going down winter slopes at fast speeds, you can also consider cross country skiing or snowshoeing.

Just across the street from Snow Valley is Rim Nordic Ski Area, which is the only place in Southern California you can snowshoe. On snowshoes, you will be able to enjoy the Lake Arrowhead winter wonderland at your own pace. Other than winter sports, you can also visit Santa’s Village and enjoy the many Christmas related activities with your family.

lake arrowhead in the winter
Lake Arrowhead in the winter

Plan Your Trip Today!

In conclusion, Lake Arrowhead is a fantastic location for a getaway. Plan your day trips from Palm Springs to Lake Arrowhead today! Besides from escaping the desert heat, Lake Arrowhead offers a completely different atmosphere from Palm Springs. Enjoy the fresh mountain air, beautiful winter views, and lake activities while being only 90 minutes away from home. Whether you’re looking to come during the warmer months, or the colder months, there are plenty of activities for you and your loved ones to participate in and have a good time together.  Get out of the heat of Palm Springs and find yourself immersed in the alpine wonderland of Lake Arrowhead!


What are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Lake Arrowhead and enjoy a variety of outdoor adventures and attractions. To learn more about where to stay and where to eat, visit our website today!

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