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Snow Play and Safety at Lake Arrowhead

Winter in Southern California

The winter months are the time where people in Southern California are looking to experience all the wonders of winter including playing in the snow! SoCal is known for being a location where you are able to surf in the morning and ski in the afternoon! With Lake Arrowhead being only a day trip away from Los Angeles and San Diego it is the perfect place to experience winter and offering places to play in the snow near you.

If you are venturing to Lake Arrowhead for snow play it is best you visit our website to check the local weather or call +1 (909) 336-1547 to speak directly with someone at the visitors center. Though our mountains get blanketed with snow every year, if you are looking to come up to Lake Arrowhead to play in the snow you must check the current weather. When snow is present at Lake Arrowhead it is good to be prepared and safe when traveling and upon arrival! 

snow play in lake arrowheadSnow Play in Lake Arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead is located in the mountains of the San Bernardino National Forest which allows visitors to experience all four seasons and a breath of fresh air. When winter is here and people are traveling up the hill for snow play in our community, it is important they are prepared. One of the biggest questions we get in the winter months is “Do we need to put chains on our car tires to come up to Lake Arrowhead?”. In short, the answer is yes.

When heavy snow fall comes to Lake Arrowhead is covers the roads and to ensure you and your cargo are safe snow chains will provide additional traction and stability on your drive up (and down) the hill. In many cases when snow is present on the roads in the Lake Arrowhead Communities, having your car equipped with snow chains is a requirement. If you do not have the proper snow chains you will be asked to turn around at our CHP snow chain checkpoints.

You can purchase snow chains for your car tires before heading up the hill at your local auto supply store or stop right before the incline up to Lake Arrowhead at the AutoZone in San Bernardino to get your snow chains.

Lake Arrowhead offers various ways to experience snow play in our community. You can purchase sleds at the local hardware store to visit the parks and trails, drive up to Rim Nordic Ski Area providing the only cross country ski area in Southern Calif. with machined groomed trails, or stay secluded in a spacious rental where the family can play inside and outside! Snow Valley is also a part of our community where you can find snowboarding, skiing, and other adrenaline filled snow play options. 

Keeping Lake Arrowhead Clean

When visiting Lake Arrowhead to experience one of our amazing four seasons, we always like to remind our guests to carry in what you carry out. A day in the snow at Lake Arrowhead can result in trash from lunches, broken sleds, lost hats and mittens. Lake Arrowhead prides ourselves in keeping our community litter free to provide the best experience for our residents and guests. Please bring a trash bag with you when visiting our local parks and trails. We thank you in advance!

Snow play at Lake Arrowhead
Be prepared for your winter trip to Lake Arrowhead!

If you live in Southern California and are looking to experience snow play for a day or a week. We would love to see you up the hill at Lake Arrowhead! To learn more about our lodging, dining, and entertainment visit our website for the latest! Stay up to date with events and learn more about the members of the Lake Arrowhead Chamber of Commerce by following us on social media: FacebookInstagramYouTube, and Pinterest.