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Fun Winter Activities for Kids in the lake Arrowhead Mountain Communities

Turn off the TV, put down the electronic devices and make some “cool” outdoor memories with your kids this winter. Outdoor play on cold winter days in the crisp pine-scented fresh air is fun and healthy for kids. Children need to play outside every day, even in winter. Going outside to run, jump, yell, and laugh allows them to use their large muscles and work off extra energy. But not only that, playing in nature in the mountain forest is a fun bonding experience for the whole family, and a great way to make memories.

Here are some simple and fun outdoor family winter activities to enjoy, even some when the snow arrives in the Lake Arrowhead Mountain Communities. Make sure to dress warm, wear water-resistant boots, bring a camera, and after a fun-filled wintery day of family fun, go and get a cup of warm cocoa topped marshmallows.

Plan a Scavenger Hunt in The Forest

Search and collect things found in the San Bernardino National Forest like a pinecone, y-shaped twig, a feather, pine needles, a leaf, an acorn, or a piece of tree bark.

Play Hide & Go Seek

All ages will have an exciting time running around in the woods hiding behind a tall pine or cedar tree, or a big rock. “Olly olly oxen free”!

Go Birdwatching

There are so many types of birds in the San Bernardino National Forest like the Stellar Blue Jay, Mountain Chickadee, Woodpeckers, and even Bald Eagles. So, get out your binoculars, and get outside in the forest to watch for your feathered friends.

Take a Hike

There’s nothing like a stroll through the forest to appreciate all the sights and sounds of nature. Pack a light lunch, or a family picnic to enjoy along the way. Click for local Hiking Trails and Picnic Areas and choose one that’s right for you.

Let It Snow!

There are so many fun winter activities when it snows like skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, sledding, cross-country snow skiing, and snowshoeing. Click here for places to go when you want to play in the snow.

Build a Snowman – Just roll some balls of snow, big or small. Find rocks for eyes, twigs for arms, and wrap him up with a hat and scarf. Now pose for a selfie.

Go Ice Skating – Have some thrills and spills at Silverbells Skating Rink at SkyPark at Santa’s Village where you can rent ice skates or bring your own. Snow or no snow, the rink is always frozen during winter.

Make Snow Angels – The whole family can lie down in the snow and wave their arms and legs to make their own Snow Angel. Snap a photo for a lifetime of memories.