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Lake Arrowhead in the summer

Best Places to Vacation in California

Plan Your Weekend Trips in California

It’s time to start thinking about where to take your loved ones this upcoming vacation season. California is truly one of the most amazing places to plan your vacation, because of the variety of options and destinations available here. Whether you’re looking for an alpine getaway, a chill day at the beach, or getting cultured in the heart of Hollywood, there are plenty of options for you and your loved ones to enjoy together.

If you’re a resident in California, lucky you! Your vacation possibilities are endless just a car ride away. Take a trip to San Francisco and experience the beautiful city and it’s long history, or plan a weekend to one of the many amusement parks in California such as Six Flags or Disneyland, there are just way too much fun to fit in a single vacation. Don’t worry if you are feeling overwhelmed by all of the different options for this upcoming vacation season, because we have just the right place in mind for you and your loved ones – Lake Arrowhead!

best places to vacation in californiaLake Arrowhead is located in San Bernardino County, California. Nestled deep in the San Bernardino Mountains, Lake Arrowhead is a true gem of Southern California. It offers a vacation getaway for you and your whole family. Only 80 miles away from Downtown Los Angeles, you can easily escape the city noises and heavy traffic. Find yourself surrounded by natural beauty in Lake Arrowhead. At over 5000 feet of elevation, Lake Arrowhead is a scenic alpine vacation destination with a unique weather climate that is unlike many places in Southern California. It has four distinct seasons that allows for many different outdoor activities.

Best Places to Vacation in California in the Winter

During the winter season, there are often large Pacific Storm systems that bring lots of snow and turn the town into a winter wonderland. This winter, take your family and friends to Lake Arrowhead for some snow play and find yourself mesmerized by the holiday vibes in Santa’s Village, which is the premier Christmas-themed park in Southern California. Santa’s Village is perfect for you and your whole family, as everyone can find something to do and enjoy together. It’s home to the mountain’s only ice skating rink. You can also find many family-oriented activities such as gingerbread house building and Christmas tree lighting.

Winter sports are also a big part of attraction during the Winter vacation season. Other than Mammoth (which is around 5 hours from Los Angeles) and Big Bear Lake in the San Bernardino Mountains, Lake Arrowhead is home to some good slopes to hit during the winter. Take a drive to Snow Valley, which has over 10 lifts and many trails as well as a fully featured terrain park. Come stay at Lake Arrowhead Village, the town’s main commercial area that hosts multiple restaurants, gift shops and more.

Santa's Village at SkyParkBest Places to Vacation in California in the Summer

During the summer vacation season, Lake Arrowhead is a great place to enjoy outdoor activities. Go mountain biking or hiking in the many trails in the San Bernardino Mountains. Or you can enjoy a nice picnic by the lake. If you prefer water sports, there are many activities to participate in. Lake Arrowhead offers water skiing, tubing, jet skiing, and more. The McKenzie Water Ski School offers lessons for all ages and all skill levels. With the many outdoor activities available, Lake Arrowhead is one of the best places to vacation in California.

Other than outdoor activities, there are also many things to do with your kids. From May to September, enjoy carnival rides, mini golf, and free outdoor concerts every weekend! Being so close to Los Angeles and the major cities in Southern California, your options for this vacation is limitless. Make Lake Arrowhead your destination for the upcoming holidays!


What are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Lake Arrowhead and enjoy a variety of outdoor adventures and attractions. To learn more about where to stay and where to eat, visit our website today!

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