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Water skiing in Lake Arrowhead

Water Skiing in Lake Arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead, located by San Bernardino, is one of the most popular recreational areas for Californian visitors. It is also a beautiful year-round alpine residential community at 5100 feet elevation. Activities include hiking, camping, shopping, kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, and many more! Lake Arrowhead is the perfect location for outdoorsy activities, and especially lake activities. Water skiing is one of the most popular water sports practiced by visitors of Lake Arrowhead. 

Lake Arrowhead Sunset

The Four Lakes

The good thing about Lake Arrowhead is that there isn’t just one lake to enjoy. There are actually four lakes nearby. Each of the four lakes near Lake Arrowhead has something different to offer. The lakes around Lake Arrowhead all have fun activities for guests and residents, especially when it comes to water sports. 

The first lake is of course, Lake Arrowhead. If you are visiting or staying in Lake Arrowhead, we recommend that take the Arrowhead Queen Boat Tour, waterski at McKenzie’s Water Ski School, shop and dine at the Lake Arrowhead Village, and rock out at the Lake Arrowhead Village Summer Concert Series.

Next on the list is Lake Gregory. Here, must do’s include going to the huge inflated waterpark structure, taking hikes around the lake and renting electric motor boats, belly boards, aqua cycles, pedal boats, kayaks, and stand-up paddle boards.  

The third lake is Green Valley Lake. Fun activities at Greek Valley Lake include hiking on trails surrounding the lake, fishing on the lake, swimming, playing games such as tennis and volleyball, and visiting the Lilleberg Museum to learn about the history of the area. 

The fourth lake is Lake Silverwood. This lake is all about water sports and water activities. At Lake Silverwood, you can go water skiing, boating, fishing, swimming, windsurfing, camping, and more!

What is Water Skiing?

Water skiing is basically a surface water sport, in which an individual is pulled behind a boat and has to skim the surface on skis. Water skiing was invented by American Ralph Samuelson (1903–1977) in Minnesota in 1922. In addition to being recreational water sport, it also became a competitive sport. Water skiing requires some body strength in order to stay stable on the skis. Water skiing is especially popular among younger people because of the fun and adrenaline it provides. 

Health Benefits of Water Skiing

In addition to having fun and feeling the adrenaline coming up, water skiing has many health benefits. Water skiing tones muscles, strengthens core, trains resistance, promote strong legs, burns calories, and helps with stress, high blood pressure, obesity, and even heart attacks. Not only water skiing is an enjoyable activity for people of all ages, it also provides amazing health benefits.

McKenzie Water Ski School

Even if you have never done water skiing before, the McKenzie Water Ski School is here for you. With more than 70 years of experience, trainers have helped thousands of people get up on their skis for the first time. Trainers have had extensive training and know exactly the best ways to teach you water skiing. The first lessons are usually 2 miles and lasts about 20 minutes. Each lesson is individualized and at your own pace. The most important thing for the McKenzie Water Ski School is for you to have fun. As long as you are excited about learning how to waterski, you should have no issues. The McKenzie Water Ski School also teaches the blind, deaf, and autistic.  

The McKenzie Water Ski School also does group excursions. Feel free to contact them for birthday parties, large groups, and even corporate outings. Contact the McKenzie Water Ski School for inquiries and make reservations for group water skiing. 

Mckenzie Water Ski School
Mckenzie Water Ski School


Individual Rides: Wakeboard / WaterSki / Kneeboarding

15 Minutes  $50

30 Minutes $100


Individual Lessons With Instructor

Water Ski Lesson – 2 Mile Course: $65

Advancement Lesson – 30 minutes: $120

Ankle Biter Ski Lesson (5 yrs. & Under): $40

Wake boarding in Lake Arrowhead
Wake boarding in Lake Arrowhead

What are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Lake Arrowhead and enjoy a variety of attractions and activities including water skiing, wake boarding, and more! To learn more about where to stay and where to eat, visit our website today!

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