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Romancing the Mountain

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Romancing the Mountain

July 1, 2018

By Paola Zarate

When it comes to romance, there are many ways to make your partner feel special. Whether you consider yourselves as an adventurous couple or one who likes to stay in, Lake Arrowhead is the perfect landscape for your perfect date night.

Here are a few date-night ideas for you and your significant other during your stay at Lake Arrowhead:


If you're more of the thrill-seeking type, plan a date 18,000 ft above ground. Hang-gliding gives you an opportunity to view San Bernardino from a different angle and share it with the one you love. End the date with a picnic where you land and make sure to save your GoPro photos and videos for keepsakes.


There's no better date night than a romantic night in a hotel. Stop in at one of the oldest, most beautiful castles in the area: The Saddleback Inn. This historic lodge is encircled by 100-year-old cedars and pines and has hosted many of Southern California's famous celebrities during its time. Make a reservation at the Saddleback Grill and Bar, which is considered to be one of the best restaurants in the area and treat your date to a delicious meal with a view.


For a unique outdoor experience (with breathtaking views), check out Lake Gregory, which is located in the "Swiss Alps of the West," Crestline. Here you can sunbathe, take a romantic walk along the lake, or play in the water. Rent a private cabana next to the waterpark for a beautiful view of mountain waters and the alpine forest. You can grab a glass of wine at the Beach Club, sit by the fire, and enjoy time together.


Take a tour of Lake Arrowhead on the Queen paddlewheel boat. Arrowhead Queen will give you a tour of the lake, forest and sky, while guides provide an in-depth history of the area. Many reviewers say this tour is a "can't miss" while in the area because of its comfort and beauty. The best part? You don't have to climb a mountain to enjoy the view.


If your idea of romance is a night alone, take a hike—literally. The San Bernadino mountains offer over 500 miles of beautiful hiking trails that range from easy to difficult. The Lower Deep Creek Canyon trail, which wanders through approximately 7 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail, is a moderate there-and-back trail that is perfect for all seasons. For this hike, we recommend passing the popular Deep Creek Hot Springs in favor of the Warm Springs further down, which is less crowded and more secluded—which is perfect for your date night.

Whether you're looking for rest, relaxation, a romantic getaway from "the flatlands", or the thrill of being at one with Mother Nature and all she has to offer, you're sure to find it at Lake Arrowhead, so plan your visit soon!

About the author

Paola Zarate

Paola Zarate

Paola Zarate traded in her hometown in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado to Arrowbear Lake in the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California several years ago. She now attends college and is pursing a teaching career.

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