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New Year, New You

The presents are unwrapped

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New Year, New You

December 31, 2018

By Paola Zarate

New Year, New You: How the Mountains Can Help With Your Resolutions

The presents are unwrapped and the decorations are (nearly!) put away. It's time for another holiday season to come to a close. That means there is one thing left to do to kick off the New Year: make your New Year's resolution. No matter how you've vowed to improve yourself in 2019, Lake Arrowhead and the San Bernardino Mountains are here to help.

Resolve to get in shape.

This is the most popular resolution and no wonder! After the tasty treats we all enjoyed over the holiday season, it's easy to see why many people put "getting in shape" at the top of their resolution list. If this is the main priority for you, then you'll love all that the Lake Arrowhead area has to offer. Check out our San Bernardino hiking guide to learn more about the thousands of miles of trails you can explore. There are great year-round hikes that help you get fit while enjoying the breathtaking scenery, no matter the weather.

Resolve to get out more.

Making connections with others and participating in experiences is becoming a high priority in our digital world. If you want to disconnect from your devices and get out into the world more, Lake Arrowhead is the perfect place to start. We recommend our summer concert series, where you can enjoy a variety of music all summer long. But summer isn't the only active time here. There is always something to do, whether it's at the Mountain Skies Observatory or Rim Bowling & Entertainment. Keep an eye on our events page to learn more about what's happening in the community and how you can take part.

Resolve to do your part for the community.

If you've decided that 2019 is the year you make a difference within your local community, start at Lake Arrowhead. One of the biggest impacts you can make on your local community is by shopping with smaller, independent retailers. Run by local people, supporting these stores is supporting your community. Your purchases make a big difference to a family operation. Shopping small doesn't mean you'll be sacrificing quality or selection, especially when you shop in the Lake Arrowhead area. Start by checking out Mountain Arts Gallery.This gorgeous shop is full of creations from local artisans that will suit everyone on your shopping list.

No matter what 2019 has in store for you, the Lake Arrowhead community will be here to help you make the most of your time. Start by planning your Lake Arrowhead adventure today and get ready to make this the best year yet.

About the author

Paola Zarate

Paola Zarate

Paola Zarate traded in her hometown in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado to Arrowbear Lake in the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California several years ago. She now attends college and is pursing a teaching career.

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