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Kids & The Great Outdoors

September 17, 2018

By Paola Zarate

Exploring the Great Outdoors in Lake Arrowhead With Kids

Anyone raising kids today understands the struggle to pull their eyes away from the phone or tablet, at least long enough for a brief conversation, or to appreciate the beauty of nature. But let's be honest. When we were young, our attitude wasn't much different; only the technology has changed. This is because kids don't want to simply look at things. They want to do things. They want to interact with what's in front of them, because that is the absolute best way to learn about it. While all those screens can seem like they're making the situation more difficult, they can actually be a big help.

Scavenger Hunts

Of course you don't want your kids running through the woods, picking leaves and berries off of bushes, or collecting bugs. It's important to be respectful of our surroundings. As Chief Seattle said, "Take only memories, leave only footprints." But there's one more thing anyone with a phone can take home with them: photographs. Take your kids on a plant and wildlife finding expedition at Heap's Peak Arboretum, the Children's Forest Exploration Trail, or any other of the several beautiful hikes in the area. If there's anything that could compete with screens for your kids' attention, it's a contest with their siblings.

Incorporating Social Media

Your family can create a special account on Instagram, or an album on Facebook, just for the exciting vacation you're embarking on. Share the adventure exclusively with your friends and family as you go along. If your children hate sitting still for pictures, or if your teenagers become suddenly photo-shy when their parents are wielding the camera, consider taking them to Wildhaven Ranch and challenge them to get shots of themselves with as many adorable animals as they can. If your kids enjoy performing for the camera, don't forget to take plenty of video of them having fun at SkyPark at Santa's Village or on the Arrowhead Queen to post on YouTube.

There is so much to do and say at Lake Arrowhead that your kids won't need to rely on the internet to stay engaged. Save the scrolling for long car rides, and make better use of those phones in preserving treasured memories.

About the author

Paola Zarate

Paola Zarate

Paola Zarate traded in her hometown in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado to Arrowbear Lake in the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California several years ago. She now attends college and is pursing a teaching career.

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