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Alpine Villages

Blue Jay/Agua Fria

Located 1 short mile from Lake Arrowhead. Blue Jay is located down Daley Canyon, off Highway 18. It was settled in the 1860’s by the sawmills and continues to the… More

Cedar Glen

Located 10 minutes from Lake Arrowhead.  Cedar Glen is a rare combination of magnificent nature & forest, a culture of local artists, art and worldly antiques, a tapestry born from… More

Lake Arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead is nestled a mile high in the San Bernardino National Forest among stately cedars, ponderosas, coulter pines, sugar pines and oak trees, surrounded by 14 miles of shoreline. … More

Lake Gregory

Lake Gregory / Crestline

15 minutes/8 miles from Lake Arrowhead Village At the heart of the quaint village of Crestline in the rugged mountains is Lake Gregory.  Hike or walk around Lake Gregory to… More

Running Springs

About 20 minutes from Lake Arrowhead Running Springs is the “Gateway to the San Bernardino Mountains”. Situated at the junction between SR-18 and SR-330, it is the major gateway from… More


Located 10 minutes from Lake Arrowhead, enroute to Running Springs. Skyforest has deep history interwoven with that of the San Bernardino Mountains, a summer hunting ground for indigenous people for… More

Twin Peaks

Located 10 minutes from Lake Arrowhead Twin Peaks is known as the gateway to Lake Arrowhead, strategically located 10 minutes from both Lake Gregory and Lake Arrowhead. Like most of… More