Snow Play and Safety at Lake Arrowhead

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Snow play in Lake Arrowhead Winter

Snow Play and Safety at Lake Arrowhead

Winter in Southern California
The winter months are the time where people in Southern California are looking to experience all the wonders of winter including playing in the snow! SoCal is known for being a location where you are able to surf in the morning and ski in the afternoon! With Lake Arrowhead being only …

The Grapevine pretzels

Top Restaurants in Lake Arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead welcomes residents and visitors for shopping and dining in a charming, European-inspired atmosphere. Dining choices include Mexican cantinas, classic American steak and prime rib dinners, and casual stops for snacks, coffee, and ice cream. Gourmet coffee and healthy sandwiches are easy to find in European cafes in the village. New American features …

Family ice skating at SkyPark at Santa's Village

Plan Your Winter Family Vacation in Lake Arrowhead

Need to escape the city for a few days? Want a change of pace or change of scenery? Why not gather the whole gang for a winter family vacation? Whether you’re craving an adventure action-packed weekend or a relaxing getaway, Lake Arrowhead has something for everyone. 

Living in Southern California, people often miss out on …

Lake Arrowhead Lodging

Lake Arrowhead Lodging: Where to Stay in Lake Arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead is a mountainous community located in the San Bernardino Mountains of San Bernardino County, California. The community is surrounded by the immaculate San Bernardino National Forest and as the name suggests, the Lake Arrowhead Reservoir. Lake Arrowhead consists of 6 communities including Lake Arrowhead, Twin Peaks, Blue Jay, Cedar Glen, Skyforest, and …

Day Trips from San Diego

The Best Day Trips from San Diego
Are you planning a trip with your friends or family? With all travel destinations available in Southern California, it is hard sometimes to decide

where to go on your next vacation. However, with Lake Arrowhead being only around a three hour car ride away, you should check out this …

Lake Arrowhead in the summer

Best Places to Vacation in California

Plan Your Weekend Trips in California
It’s time to start thinking about where to take your loved ones this upcoming vacation season. California is truly one of the most amazing places to plan your vacation, because of the variety of options and destinations available here. Whether you’re looking for an alpine getaway, a chill day …

Day trips from Palm Springs

Day Trips From Palm Springs

Escape the Desert Heat
Did you know that Lake Arrowhead is only a 90 minute car ride away from Palm Springs? During the summer, the temperature difference in the two locations can easily go over 20 degrees or more. This makes Lake Arrowhead an appealing location for a summer mountain adventure. During the fall and …

Outdoor wedding venues in lake arrowhead

Outdoor Wedding Venues

Weddings in Lake Arrowhead
Having a wedding can feel pretty overwhelming at times. With lots of decisions to make, lists, deadlines, and everyday life to deal with, it might be difficult to find the perfect place to have your wedding ceremony. Nestled in between the trees, our romantic lakeside mountain setting is unique and perfect …

Water skiing in Lake Arrowhead

Water Skiing in Lake Arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead
Lake Arrowhead, located by San Bernardino, is one of the most popular recreational areas for Californian visitors. It is also a beautiful year-round alpine residential community at 5100 feet elevation. Activities include hiking, camping, shopping, kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, and many more! Lake Arrowhead is the perfect location for outdoorsy activities, and especially …

Winter Activities in Lake Arrowhead

Winter Activities in Lake Arrowhead For Families

For many Californians, winter is just one of the four seasons that look and feel the same as the others. However, nestled high above the clouds with an elevation over five thousand feet, winters in Lake Arrowhead are like no other season. With all kinds of fun winter activities such as skiing, ice skating, …